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    1100 - Funtastic Fitness&Games(3-5yr)

    Check out this cool class where no week is the same! Each week your little one will participate in fun, physical activities that promote balance, stamina, imagination and coordination. A new theme each week means new fun games and exercises! Bring dry sneakers. Sign up for 3 weeks or all 6!
    Week 1: Amazing Races
    Week 2: Balls, Balls, Balls!
    Week 3: Obstacles
    Week 4: Hop, Jump, Skip
    Week 5: Hula Hoops and Parachute
    Week 6: Mini Sports
    Instructor: Cyndi Lovejoy Certified Stretch ‘N Grow
    See below for 3-week session options

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    Read Notice1100-AFuntastic Fit&Games02/08/19 - 03/15/19F10:45A - 11:30AIron Sr/Com Ctr3 years to under 6 years$58CancelledItem DetailsLocation Details
    Read Notice1100-BFuntastic Fit&Games02/08/19 - 02/22/19F10:45A - 11:30AIron Sr/Com Ctr3 years to under 6 years$29CancelledItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart1100-CFuntastic Fit&Games03/01/19 - 03/15/19F10:45A - 11:30AIron Sr/Com Ctr3 years to under 6 years$29AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details

    1104 - Master Splinter Ninja(4-7yr)

    Cowabunga dudes and dudettes! Come join this new and exciting class as we learn all that it takes to be a ninja. Your child will learn all they need to be a ninja just like their favorite turtles in a half shell Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello through different activities and crafts. Come dressed as your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character and at the end of the class, each child will receive a special Ninja Turtles ninja certificate! All supplies will be included.
    Instructor: Irondequoit Recreation Staff

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    Add to Cart1104-ASplinter's Ninja Sch03/06/19 - 03/06/19W 5:45P - 6:30PIron Sr/Com Ctr4 years to under 8 years$10AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details

    1108 - Fun Fridays

    Fun Fridays (Ages 2-5)
    Join us on Fridays for this fun combo class that combines fun active play and crafts. Every other week kids will be in the craft room making fun, messy projects and playing with our sensory table. A great way for Moms and Dads (or Grandmas and Grandpas) to get the kids out of the house and leave the mess with us!

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    Read Notice1108-AFun Fridays02/01/19 - 02/22/19F 9:45A - 10:30AIron Sr/Com Ctr2 years to under 6 years$15UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details

    1208 - Basic Ballet (3-5 yr)

    This ballet class will give your son or daughter the skills and techniques needed for traditional ballet. It will also incorporate creative movement and a final dance recital.
    Have your child dressed in clothes that they can move freely in! This is a great class for kids who have or have not taken a ballet class!
    Instructor: Miss Tara, local dance instructor

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    Read Notice1208-ABasic Ballet02/06/19 - 03/13/19W 6:10P - 6:55PIron Sr/Com Ctr3 years to under 6 years$58FullItem DetailsLocation Details

    1209 - Rainbow Ribbons (4-10 yr)

    Aesthetic Group Gymnastics is relatively new to the U.S. and brought to us by a rhythmic gymnast who has competed all around the world. The Rainbow Ribbons program is non-competitive, allowing children to explore the combined graceful art of music, dance, and gymnastics in a supervised, fun setting. The children will learn how to work and trust each other as a team in a pleasant, upbeat setting while they learn artistic routines. Equipment includes scarves, ball, hoops, and ropes. Children will learn the basics of core strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and rhythm. They will also learn body waves, swings, ballet, gymnastic jumps and leaps, and dance steps.
    Instructor: Miroslava Dimitrova, Bulgarian Gold Medal Rhythmic Gymnast and Owner of WNYAGG
    See below for specific age groups.

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    Read Notice1209-ARainbow Ribbons 4-602/23/19 - 03/30/19Sa 9:30A - 10:30AIron Sr/Com Ctr4 years to under 7 years$71CancelledItem DetailsLocation Details
    Read Notice1209-BRainbow Ribbons 7-1002/23/19 - 03/30/19Sa10:45A - 11:45AIron Sr/Com Ctr7 years to under 11 years$71CancelledItem DetailsLocation Details

    1211 - Mats, Music,and More (1-4 yr)

    A program, that encourages learning through play and spending time with mom or dad (or another special adults)! This class includes music, stretching, large-motor activities and colorful equipment. A great program that will enhance your child’s physical and social skills.
    Instructor: Cyndi Lovejoy, Certified Stretch ‘N Grow

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    Read Notice1211-AMats, Music,and More02/04/19 - 02/25/19M 9:45A - 10:30AIron Sr/Com Ctr1 year to under 5 years$31CancelledItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart1211-BMats, Music,and More03/11/19 - 04/01/19M 9:45A - 10:30AIron Sr/Com Ctr1 year to under 5 years$38AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details
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